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. The never ending breaker

On XBox Live the atmosphere of classic bricks breakers and the ability challenge in a neon world. Bricks4ever with its 50 levels and 4 different game modes is ready to enjoy you and your friends in an endless contest.

Try the free demo on your console and hold out the tentation to clear also the last level... If you can!

Platforms: XBOX360.


Xbox Indie Games
Pinball Maker

RP A puzzle game with the pinball spirit

With Pinball Maker you're given control over placing the flippers, bumpers and ramps not bouncing the ball whenever it comes near.
It turns a game of reflexes into a game of thinking and will probably catch player by surprise with its ability to draw him in.

Platforms: PC Windows, XBOX360, Mobile

Coming soon

Mobile version
Crystal Crush

RP A rain of crystals and fun

Dr. Switch is a very creative scientist. He is working on a revolutionary laser beam but to do so he needs special crystal filters. Crystal Crush machine was created to group and combine necessary crystals for is project. En effect every completed level produces a special coloured optic lens for a new multicolor laser.

Platforms: XBOX360,


Xbox Indie Games
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XBOX Live version


To try or buy Crystal Crush click here



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