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Across the platform barriers

Gaming markets are growing very fast. Many opportunities are available for cross platform business but development time and costs are yet a problem.
Imagine a 360° service for the most popular games platforms.
Now this service is available to pull down most of these barriers and is called Sasquatch.

Running Pixel designed its brand new cross-platform porting service: Sasquatch. With this framework every mobile game or application  will be transformed in a powerful cross-market high-quality hit.

Sasquatch is an exclusive development framework and a set of tools, designed to port any mobile game to the Windows and XBOX360 platforms fast and easily and/or  to rapid develop multi-platform games.
Actually Sasquatch is a managed service platform for development of games to the Mobile platforms, PC Windows, Xbox 360 and Zune; a new release is on its way and will enable Sasquatch to develop games for Iphone and Android, all from a single source.


Our service minimizes time-to-market and project risks while helps to maximize your game revenues.

Thanks to trusted framework, Running Pixel provides an innovative service for games companies with an unbeatable quality/price ratio.
Sasquatch technology enables us to develop and port, in a few time, a j2me game or application  into a great PC, Windows, Xbox Live Arcade  and Zune product.
Our service opens new rich market doors to your mobile contents. Every developer or publisher has now the chance to extend his own distribution market by a low cost but high-quality service.


Do you want to find out more? Download our pdf fact-sheet or contact us now!




° Playable PC/Console demos easy to distribute in a wide range of channels (Pc, Web, mobile, etc..)

° Reach new markets for  old  and new mobile  games.

° Truly cross-platforms games.

° Proven technology

° Low cost and innovative high-quality services.

° Maximize game revenues.


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