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RP Running Pixel provides an end-to-end cross platform development service called Sasquatch. Thanks to the Sasquatch technology, now it is possible to minimize time-to-market and project risks and to maximize your game revenues. Every developer or publisher has now the chance to extend his own distribution market with low costs and high-quality services . New Markets are open for your mobile/pc-casual games.

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RP We think that a good game is a cocktail of a good idea, a surprising graphics, a solid game-play and a strong brand. But we are confident that to be an hit a game needs to be shakered with a little bit of madness and passion. Running Pixel is built all around this concept...

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Running Pixel provides:

o Original IP design proposal

o Original game from a provided brand

o Tie in from branded games

o Consulting

o Complete develop cycle

o Casual games development branded/unbranded

  dev service

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